Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Welcome to the NEW

I want to welcome everyone to the new I am still working on the site and making changes/tweaks. I wanted everyone to be able to start using the features of this site while I finish moving content over from the old site. I have moved over all of the discussions and replies. If you were to browser the categories right now you would notice that you only see post titles and no excerpts. Unfortunately I have to go through one by one and manually add in excerpts. That will take time. I will likely work on those starting with the most recent posts and working backwards. There are over 5,000 to edit. […]

ClimatePatrol Version 3.0

A new version of the website is coming very soon. I’d love to say that I am working on upgrades to the forum software but I am not. I am moving the site to Wordpress. It will be easier to keep the site up to date. I am nearly done getting the layout to look the way I want it. Once I have finished the layout I will create accounts on the new site for people who have posted on the current site. The system will email temporary passwords. Hang on to those for when the site goes live. I will also be writing a script to import all the posts into the new site. That is going to be a bit of a project but hopefully it won’t take more than a week or two to complete. […]

Where has the heat gone?

Okay I know the heat is out west but people in my area have to be wondering what is going on. First we have the winter that never seems to end. And now we have a summer that really isn’t much of a summer. So far for the month of July we have had 10 days where high temps failed to reach 80 degrees. Of the other 11 days we hit 80-81 degrees 6 times. Of the 21 days in the month we have been below normal 19 days. The two days that finished above normal we were at 1 and 2 degrees above normal. So far this year we have had ZERO 90 degree days. It is possible we may hit 90 today but then a big cool down comes starting tomorrow. […]

Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Evan, Weather Warfare?

I have been doing quite a lot of research into weather modification (manipulation of weather for military purposes) and I would like to invite people to read the articles provided. I have reason to believe that Hurricane Sandy and Cyclone Evan may have been manufactured. Take some time to read what I have written. Hopefully it will persuade people to turn their attention to this cause. […]

my bands new CD is released today

My bands new CD is released today. […]

Why does it matter who caused climate change?

Despite sounding silly (or even ridiculous), this is a real question. I really am puzzled, and really want to understand something that’s currently a mystery to me: Why does it even _matter_ what the cause of climate change is? […]

Survey: how fast is your internet

Survey: how fast is your internet […]

a St Louis claustrophobic was swallowed up by a Sink Hole during a round of golf

by […]

Historic 'polar vortex' could cause record low temps across Midwest, extreme cold in Northeast

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Whats Comming For 2014

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