Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes Now Exceed 1000 In Latest Seismic Swarm

The Long Valley Caldera is experiencing a large seismic swarm. As magma moves through the earth, it displaces and fractures rock along the way. This movement causes earthquakes that can be recorded with seismometers at the surface of the earth. Seismic monitoring is the most used technique for volcano surveillance. Volcanic earthquakes often provide the initial sign of volcanic unrest. The last eruption at the volcano is said to have occurred 700,000 years ago and is long over-due. […]

Is Long Valley Coming To Life?

In case you didn’t know, there has been a sizable earthquake swarm in Long Valley. The last update I saw stated the current swarm had produced over 600 quakes. While most of these quakes have been small, a number of them have been in excess of magnitude 3.0. The USGS states that the quakes are currently tectonic in nature and that there is no sign of magma movement. […]

Unusual Seismic Reading at Bardarbunga

Barely 2 hours after a magnitude 5+ earthquake, there seems to be an unusual seismic reading at Bardarbunga. Can anyone explain this activity? This seems to coincide with a new feature showing up on aerial images. Check out the new opening just south and west of the main vent. Also, the continued subsidence has recently shifted direction. Is this all a sign that the system is getting ready to blow? […]

Magnitude 5.5 Quake Strikes Bardarbunga

Overnight a magnitude 5.5 quakes strikes Bardarbunga. This was one of the largest quakes in Iceland’s history. Comes on the back of 18 magnitude 3.0+ earthquakes on Saturday. Ground subsidence continues at the same rate as before and the lava flow continues at a similar rate. Since midnight there have been four quakes with a magnitude of 4.0 or higher around the volcano. The risk of a massive eruption seems to be getting higher. […]

Influences on the Bardarbunga Caldera

Bardarbunga GPS Data

As subsidence continues, I have to wonder what are the outside influences on the Bardarbunga caldera. How much additional downward pressure will come from ice and water sliding/running down into the new pit. I am not sure of the GPS unit’s proximity to the glacier. So I don’t know if the subsidence is close enough to allow ice or water to fill the giant pit. If it is close enough and water and ice is flowing inward, I would think the addition of the weight would just exacerbate the problem. Has something been set in motion here that cannot stop until the caldera fails? […]

Wild GPS Readings at Bardarbunga

I don’t know if anything significant is about to happen, but there have been wild GPS readings at Bardarbunga over the last several hours. It is fluctuating as wildly as I’ve seen it yet. Is there something going on in Iceland? Is it stormy, window, or anything like that? I don’t know what would make the GPS start recording wild changes in the ground level. Here is a screenshot I grabbed showing the recent fluctuations. The light gray color shows momentary deviations. Red is a 30 minute average and blue is a 180 minute average. […]

Bardarbunga Subsidence Continues

The Bardarbunga subsidence continues steadily. The rate of subsidence is approximately 0.5 meters every 36 hours. As of the time this post is being written, the subsidence for the last 24 hours was approximately 0.5 meters. Large quakes continue with a magnitude 5.1 quake occurring in the last hour or two. The longer the subsidence continues the more likely the caldera will collapse. Stay tuned for additional updates. […]

Bardarbunga Eruption

The Bardarbunga eruption taking place in Iceland has been going on for weeks now. I was reading that at one point something like 200 cubic meters of magma was being release every second. The volcanic system has plenty of magma left to be released and now there is the potential danger of a massive explosion. Since the eruption started, the caldera has fallen over 80 feet. It is feared that the caldera will eventually collapse, glacier melt would make its way into the caldera, and we would see a massive explosion. This explosion could potentially be larger than any we’ve seen in modern times. […]

Big patch of Blacktop road has melted in Yellowstone

“Firehole Lake Drive in Yellowstone National Park has been temporarily closed due to a damaged road surface. Extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas has caused thick oil to bubble to the surface, damaging the blacktop and creating unsafe driving conditions on the popular, scenic road, located off the Grand Loop Road halfway between Old Faithful and Madison Junction in the park’s Lower Geyser Basin.” […]

Indonesian volcanic eruption

Looks like a VEI 3.…r-the-pause/#comment-1652312 […]