Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

History Lesson on Global Warming Deception

I came across a video the other day where Dr. Tim Ball gives a bit of a history lesson on global warming deception. He talks about how global cooling alarmism turned into global warming alarmism and how it became climate change then the science failed to verify. It really is an interesting video. It is interesting listening to Dr. Ball talk about the reality of a changing climate and how it continues to change. He talks about how we have come out of the warming period and how we will be in a cooling trend for a while. […]

NOAA – Climate Change Lies – October 2014 Fraud

NOAA has proven once again that they are the most deceitful “scientific” organization on the planet. I knew when November was turning out as brutal as it was that we could expect some dishonest piece of news to be released by NOAA. I did not expect them to lie on such a massive scale. In a story published by (no shock they ran with this garbage), NOAA stated that October 2014 was the warmest on record. I am telling you flat out that it is a huge lie. They are either compulsive liars or just completely inept when it comes to science. In either case, the organization should be stripped of all funding. […]

US-China Agreement Embarrasses Abbott Government

The emissions deal between China and the United States has left Prime Minister Tony Abbott with egg on his face, a climate change analyst says. Mr Abbott, speaking at the East Asia Summit in Napyidaw, Myanmar, said while welcome, the US-China deal would not prompt him to put climate change on the agenda for this weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane. Mr Abbott said the G20’s focus will be on economic reform, adding that there were plenty of forums where climate change can be discussed. “Interestingly, we’ve just had the APEC conference in Beijing and climate change was hardly mentioned,” he said. “It was mentioned in passing by one leader in Beijing. “And, look, there are lots of venues to deal with climate change. Climate change is a very significant issue.” Chinese and US leaders negotiated the deal in secret over the last nine months. “I’m not saying I knew the specifics and that it was going to occur yesterday, but I was aware that the US and China have a climate change dialogue,” she said. Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the deal was a “a very important outcome for the world with the US adopting a reduction in their overall emissions and China setting themselves the target of peaking”. […]

2013/2014 North American Snowfall Record

According to data from the Rutgers University Climate Lab, Northern American snowfall for this past winter (2013-2014) was the highest on record. Records go back to approximately 1968. Northern hemisphere snowfall for the winter ranked 3rd all-time and was the snowiest since the severe winter of 1978. Data for the southern hemisphere was not available. […]

Exposing Sea Ice Deception

I wanted to take a moment to expose what I believe to be deliberate deception when it comes to reporting of sea ice. The only thing news agencies will report is the sea ice area and extent in the Arctic. They will attempt to mislead you into believing ice is melting around the world due to climate change. Other sources will use tactics like claiming 2014 had the 6th lowest extent on record indicating a downward trend. Again this is an attempt to mislead you about the current situation. […]

Over 2000 cold records broken in last 7 days in the US

Record cold numbers are double and triple the amount of record warm temps.

Look at the Month to Date for the Monthly temp records.

US in decade-long cooling period

“According to the USCRN temperature readings, U.S. temperatures are not rising at all – at least not since the network became operational 10 years ago.” […]

Antarctic sea ice at record levels

“ANTARCTIC sea ice has expanded to record levels for April, increasing by more than 110,000sq km a day last month to nine million square kilometres.
The National Snow and Ice Data Centre said the rapid expansion had continued into May and the seasonal cover was now bigger than the record “by a significant margin’’.” […]

Weather Channel Founder: Climate Change Is A Scam

“Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman is not buying the Obama White House climate-change agenda.

This week, the Obama administration released a new report, the National Climate Assessment, containing dire warnings about climate change.” […]

No Warming Left To Deny;Global Cooling Takes Over;CET Annual Mean Temperature Plunges 1C Since 2000

“Looking at the data for the last decade or so, one thing stands clear: Global temperatures have been showing many more signs of cooling than warming. Already we are sensing that global temperature has lost the battle to stay up. The HadCrut data series above shows that cooling has gained the upper hand. Indeed warming is now in the history books, having died some 15 years ago.” […]