Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

2013/2014 North American Snowfall Record

According to data from the Rutgers University Climate Lab, Northern American snowfall for this past winter (2013-2014) was the highest on record.  Records go back to approximately 1968.  Northern hemisphere snowfall for the winter ranked 3rd all-time and was the snowiest since the severe winter of 1978.  Data for the southern hemisphere was not available.

North American Snowfall Coverage

Northern Hemisphere Snowfall Coverage

This is happening simultaneously with record summer cold in the Arctic and record Antarctic sea ice.  It is also worth noting that Arctic sea ice saw a 60% increase in 2013 over 2012.  While the increase in Antarctic sea ice has been occurring for a long period of time and is a clear upward trend, the ice recovery in the Arctic is too recent to be called a reversal in trend but is worth noting.  If Arctic ice health continues to improve for a few more years then we can call this an upward trend as well.

Thanks to Dan G for this story.

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5 comments to 2013/2014 North American Snowfall Record

  • I moved to Idaho a couple years ago. Last winter when all the news of severe snowfall was hitting the news, I was waiting for the big one. We ended up having a pretty mild winter.

  • Here in NW FL we had an ice storm and freezing rain. Some sleet or snow once a winter isn’t uncommon, but we had a bad few days. Killed my orange trees. It was a fairly cold winter. The winter before that, we had a warm winter even for us! It’s so unusual not knowing what to expect.

  • I lived in Florida when we had that crazy winter in 1989. I drove up to Jacksonville with a friend to see the snow. We almost got stranded there. Fun times.

  • Ready for round 2?

    ‘It’s coming back’: Meteorologists warn ANOTHER Polar Vortex will strike the U.S. this winter

    “The Polar Vortex Part II is getting ready to roll back into town.
    Leading meteorologists are warning the Mid-Atlantic is in for a repeat of last winter, which was noted as the 34th coldest such period for the contiguous 48 states as a whole since modern records began in 1895, according to
    Now, with a month-and-a-half left of fall, the forecasts are in, and another polar vortex looks set to hit the Northeast from January and not let up for months.”

  • 2014 has been a crazy year. The season normally called summer went by so fast. It was cold for so long that everything sprouted and bloomed late. Then on top of that the trees here lost their leaves very early. Mid October and many trees are already bare. This is about 2 weeks early. Prime color here is pretty close to Halloween. It is pretty well past peak here.

    I remember as September was coming to an end, local weather said the start of October would be one of the warmest starts in many years. Well that never happened. I think we had 2 days above normal but the temperature promptly tanked. Looks like October will be another month below normal for my area.

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