Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Welcome to the NEW

I want to welcome everyone to the new  The website upgrade has finally taken place.  I am still working on the site and making changes/tweaks.  I wanted everyone to be able to start using the features of this site while I finish moving content over from the old site.  I have moved over all of the discussions and replies.  If you were to browser the categories right now you would notice that you only see post titles and no excerpts.  Unfortunately I have to go through one by one and manually add in excerpts.  That will take time.  I will likely work on those starting with the most recent posts and working backwards.  There are over 5,000 to edit.

If you are having difficulties logging in please visit the Login Problems page for help.  If you have a social media account that uses the same email address you used on ClimatePatrol, you can simply click the social media icon by the comment section of a post to log yourself in.

The most regular uses from the old website will be granted access to post new stories on this site.  I will have to contact these users individually to go over how to post new stories on here.  Some users may have new posts/stories moderated until I am sure they have a grasp of the content editor on the new site.  It is nothing personal. I just want to keep the content well organized.  I will contact you via email or possibly through the private message feature on here.  Once you log in you will see new options at the top right corner of your screen.  That is where you will find features like private messaging.

Anyway, that is all I can think of for now.  If I think of anything else that needs to be added to this I will update this post or add a comment to it.

Enjoy the site….  Indy

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