Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Unusual Seismic Reading at Bardarbunga

Barely 2 hours after a magnitude 5+ earthquake, there seems to be an unusual seismic reading at Bardarbunga.

Seismic Activity

Bardarbunga seismic activity.

Can anyone explain this activity? This seems to coincide with a new feature showing up on aerial images. Check out the new opening just south and west of the main vent.

Also, the continued subsidence has recently shifted direction.  Is this all a sign that the system is getting ready to blow?  I am just speculating.  I just don’t know what to make of the recent changes.  Mag 5 quake followed by the change in the seismic readings, change in subsidence, and what looks like a new fissure opening up.  Something is going on here.  Normally I would speculate that magma was on the move and a volcano was getting ready to erupt.  But since the volcano is already erupting it must mean something else.

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