Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Exposing Sea Ice Deception

I wanted to take a moment to expose what I believe to be deliberate deception when it comes to reporting of sea ice.  The only thing news agencies will report is the sea ice area and extent in the Arctic.  They will attempt to mislead you into believing ice is melting around the world due to climate change.  Other sources will use tactics like claiming 2014 had the 6th lowest extent on record indicating a downward trend.  Again this is an attempt to mislead you about the current situation.

What is the reality?

The reality is that global sea ice extent is currently 0.3 million kilometers ABOVE normal.  Antarctic sea ice reached record high levels this year.  Antarctic sea ice extent broke 20 million kilometers for the first time since satellite recordings began.  Just as an FYI, Arctic sea ice measurements are based on the same time frame.  But what is the truth behind Arctic sea ice?  Well first off the minimum this year was nearly a tie for the 7th lowest.  The difference was so close that you really couldn’t tell just by looking at a graph.  So you may be wondering if it really matters if the extent was the 6th or 7th lowest.  That in itself doesn’t matter.  What the fear mongers will omit from the stories is that since the Arctic sea ice extent bottomed out in 2012, Arctic sea ice has shown a significant recover.  Arctic sea ice extent has increased by approximately 1.6 million square kilometers.  This is a fact you won’t see offered up in the media.

So while you are being deliberately deceived about the health of sea ice, we are here to clear up the deception and provide you with facts.  There is no spin.  There is no attempt to mislead.  Arctic sea ice extent is 1.2 million kilometers below normal. Antarctic sea ice extend is 1.5 million kilometers above normal. The net global sea ice extent is 0.3 million kilometers above normal. Arctic sea ice extent has increased significantly since the record minimum.  You can choose to believe the news agencies and researchers that like to focus on the smallest piece of ice because it tells the story they want, or you can focus on all of the ice and get the complete story.

A quick Google search should make it very easy to find news sources attempting to mislead you.  You will be able to easily verify Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent.  It make take a little digging but you will find the truth.

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6 comments to Exposing Sea Ice Deception

  • The arctic sea ice extent bottomed out around the time enormous volcanic eruptions were being observed under the sea ice, and has returned to normal since that time:

    We’re not supposed to believe these eruptions had anything to do with it! I vaguely remember blatant attempts at downplaying the discovery when became news.

    • Then there is the fact that sea ice averages start in the late 1970’s. What is the significance of that? It comes at the end of a very cold period. So sea ice was at its highest point. So naturally anything after that would be a decline. It would be like monitoring sunspot activity and starting at the height of a solar cycle and thinking something was wrong with the sun because the sunspot activity started to decline as it headed toward a minimum.

      Why was it so cold in the 1970’s? There are a few possible reasons. One was that the 70’s could have been part of a cold period in the climate cycle. Add to that the heavy use of aerosols which are very well known to cause cooling. Add to that the fact that there had been extensive above ground testing of nuclear weapons. So naturally things were a bit askew when it came to the climate. So the use of aerosols were halted, above ground nuclear testing was halted, and the climate went from a decade (or longer) cold cycle and moved to a decade (or longer) warm cycle, as the climate does, and all the sudden the sky is falling.

      People need to remember that alarmists were claiming that man was sending us into an ice age back in the day. Once that turned out to be false then it was suddenly global warming. Once the writing was on the wall for that one, climatologist got clever and decided to cover all their bases by calling it climate change. That way they could claim they were right no matter what happened.

      Nice huh?

    • BTW, good article. I wonder how quickly such research was abandoned because it creates a very plausible alternative to the reason Arctic ice could be melting.

  • Please note that I am a sceptic. You need to make a correction to your post:

    “since the Arctic sea ice extent bottomed out about 7 years ago,….”

    2012 was the lowest extent on the satellite record.

  • I found a really cool website that lets you pick and choose which years you want to graph for Arctic sea ice extent. It goes back all the way to 1979.

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