Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

ClimatePatrol Version 3.0

A new version of the website is coming very soon. I'd love to say that I am working on upgrades to the forum software but I am not. I am moving the site to Wordpress. It will be easier to keep the site up to date. I am nearly done getting the layout to look the way I want it. Once I have finished the layout I will create accounts on the new site for people who have posted on the current site. The system will email temporary passwords. Hang on to those for when the site goes live. I will also be writing a script to import all the posts into the new site. That is going to be a bit of a project but hopefully it won't take more than a week or two to complete.

Once the posts have been moved to the new site I will set up redirects on all posts over to the new site. So if you click on a discussion you will end up on the new version. The home page, discussion listings and everything else will automatically forward over. So hopefully the transition will be smooth. You will be able to use your temporary password to log in. If you have a social media site that uses the same email address that you use on here you will be able to log in via your social media account. Might make things a little easier.

For the people that have been regulars on here and contributors, I will give access that allows them to add content to the site. I will have to come up with a tutorial for adding content before I up the site access though.

Anyway more later.

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8 comments to ClimatePatrol Version 3.0

  • yay is right! I converted most of my sites to wordpress for the same reason.

  • I am so badly falling behind with this. Ugh. It may take a little longer than expected. I had some crap come up here that is eating up a considerable amount of time. Writing the program to convert all the threads/comments on here to WordPress won’t be easy. I have to strip out and convert all the bbcode and figure out what to do about the post attachments.

  • Thanks. I just finished creating all of the accounts for people who have 1 post or more. I WAS all done until someone came in and made their first post lol 🙂

    So later this evening I am going to start working on the script to move the posts. I don’t think it will be too terribly bad.

  • I have now established a relationship between the forums on this site and the categories on the WordPress site. Since I know how the IDs relate to each other I can now create the code to copy the threads and replies to the new site. It will take some testing tomorrow before I make the move. The tricky part will be managing file attachments. I “think” that when I am done the discussions on the new site will look every similar to the discussions on this site. The reply box will look different and some of the functionality will change. But I believe the posts that migrate over will look as they do here. Or close enough.

    That is it for tonight. I am taking a break.

  • The conversion is taking a little longer than expected. I have an importer written that reads all the posts on the site and prepares them to be loaded into the new site. I am running into problems with some characters in posts. Over nearly 10 years some odd characters have found their way into messages and because of that the posts don’t pass HTML validation. So I am having to write filters to clean up and convert the odd characters. Trying to get everything UTF-8 encoded.

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