Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Scientists accused of unjustifiably adding warming to temperature record

Quote From Source:

Two days ago, independent data analyst Steven Goddard released a startling study of the officially adjusted and “homogenized” US temperature records relied upon by NASA, NOAA, USHCN and scientists around the world to “prove” that our climate has been warming dangerously.

After comparing the “raw” thermometer readings as reported by measuring stations, to the “adjusted” temperatures that appear in official charts and government reports, Goddard found that the tweaking “turns a 90 year cooling trend into a warming trend.”

Goddard’s evidence not only proves the officially-claimed one-degree increase in temperatures is entirely fictitious, it also discredits the reliability of any warming assertion made by such agencies.

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