Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Lets Start the Next Ice Age – A Bunch of Dumbasses

Quote From Source:

Nathan Myhrvold also thinks that he has found a cheap and reliable way to solve global warming, which does not involve upending and perhaps destroying the world's economy. The global warming solution proposed by Nathan Myhvold involves running a hose up to the stratosphere with balloons and using that hose to pump out enough sulfur particles to dim the sun's heat just enough to counteract the effects of global warming. The estimated cost would be about two hundred and fifty million dollars.

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f#@ing Idiots. THIS is why their lies are dangerous.

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8 comments to Lets Start the Next Ice Age – A Bunch of Dumbasses

  • Just goes to show any idiot can get published.

  • It really amazes me how stupid some people can be. This is what one dimensional thinking gives us. It allows people to believe man is warming the planet and it allows people to believe something idiotic like this is actually a solution.

    Do these people stop to think for even a minute what were to happen if something natural were to happen along with this project? Lets say you dump a great deal of sulfur into the atmosphere to reduce what you think is global warming. Shortly after this you discover that we are actually moving into a cool phase and now you just made the problem worse. Or better yet shortly after you do this there is a large volcanic eruption. And the eruption alone wasn’t enough to cause global crop failures but in combination with this idiotic project was enough to tip the scales.

    Do these people stop to think for even one minute? What science often lacks is a bit of common sense.

  • What science often lacks is a bit of common sense.

    honestly – what the entire PLANET lacks right now is a bit of common sense…
    the Great Dumbing Down ha worked all too well.

  • A few months ago at one of the Costco’s here in Anchorage I overheard this young sales girl trying to sell some gatorade and one of the persons she was talking to asked what the advantage of gatorade over water is, and the sales girl replied proudly, “It has electrolytes…and uh, yeah, that’s it.”

    Hearing that made me laugh aloud. :P

    Oh and I must emphasize it happened in a Costco. :P

  • Look at this sh@t!!!!

    Quote From Source:

    PARIS (AFP) ? Man’s best friend could be one of the environment’s worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.

    But the revelation in the book “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living” by New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale has angered pet owners who feel they are being singled out as troublemakers.

    The Vales, specialists in sustainable living at Victoria University of Wellington, analysed popular brands of pet food and calculated that a medium-sized dog eats around 164 kilos (360 pounds) of meat and 95 kilos of cereal a year.…yleclimatewarminganimalsfood
    Unbelievable :alien384:

  • If we start with the studies of what works in climate forecasting, the Milankovitch cycles, and expand on what has turned out to be true about solar cycles according to Theodor Landscheidt, ( the only one to correctly forecast the long solar minimum we are passing through). The evidence points to the natural variability factors as being the effects of the rotation or the galaxy and the swirl imparted to the local area of the spiral arm we seem to reside in (Milankovitch), and by the inertial dampening of the planets effects on the barycenter of the solar system, moves the sun?s center of mass around as it tries to stay magnetically and gravitationally centered in the swirling magnetic fields, plasma, and dust clouds, and other stars joining us in this dance to the celestial music as it were.

    (Landscheidt) Found the driving forces of the Inertial dampening of the system and defined it to the point of predictability, it only seems that that the next steps would be to analyze the effects of the interactions of the Inner planets, which have a rhythmic pattern to their orbital relationships, and their relations to the weather patterns they share.

    The magnetic impulses in the solar wind, from the rotation of the tilted ~12 degree magnetic poles of the sun, alternates the polarity of the magnetic fields introduced into the solar wind.

    Which in turn have driven the Moon / Earth into the declinational dance that creates the lunar declinational atmospheric tides in phase in the atmosphere. Because of the pendulum type movement the Moon hangs at the extremes of declination almost three days with in a couple of degrees then makes a fast sweep across the equator at up to 7 to 9 degrees per day.

    At these culminations of declination movement, the polarity of the solar wind peaks and reverses, causing a surge in the reversal of the ion flux generated in the Earth’s homo polar generated fields as a result. Because of the combination of both peak of Meridian flow surge in the atmosphere, and reversal of ion charge gradient globally occurs at the same time like clock work most severe weather occurs at these times.

    The 18.6 year Mn pattern of Minimum to Maximum extremes, drive the decade long oscillations of the ocean basins, in combination with the timing of the Synod conjunctions of the outer planets, as a compounding signal, in the strengths and weakness of the cycles.

    The Lunar declinational tides in the atmosphere, are the major mixing mechanism for the transportation, of tropical ocean warmth, and moisture over the land masses, in the mid-latitudes and polar regions, where it radiates away into space.

    Because of the semi boundary conditions caused by mountain ranges, the Rockies, Andes, Urals, Alps, Himalayas, that resulted in topographical forcing into a four fold pattern of types of Rossby wave, and resultant Jet stream patterns, I had to use not a 27.325 day period but a 109.3 day period to synchronize the lunar declinational patterns into the data to get clearer repeatability.

    I have quietly undertaken the study of the relationships between the interactions of the Sun?s magnetic fields borne on the solar wind, and it?s interactions with the Earth?s weather patterns to the point I have found the cyclic patterns of the shorter decade long durations, that show up as the natural background variances in the climate RAW data sets.

    Starting with the history of research into planetary motions and the Lunar declination, there were several things I had to consider, In order to find a natural analog cycle to define the composite effects, that is the patterns in the weather .

    The results of the analog cyclic pattern I discovered repeat with in a complex pattern of Inner planet harmonics, and outer planet longer term interferences that come round to the ~172 year pattern Landscheidt discovered, so this is the shorter period set of variables, that further define the limits, of the natural variables needed to be considered, along side the CO2 hypothesis.

    The longer term/period parents (Milankovitch and Landscheidt cycles) of these driving forces are valid. It would be in error if these shorter Lunar declination cycles, were not considered for their effects, and calculated into the filtering of the swings, in the climate data, for forecasting longer terms into the future.

    A sample of the cyclic pattern found in the meteorological database is presented as the daily weather data, of the past three cycles composited together, and plotted onto maps for a 5 year period starting in 2008, and running to January of 2014, presented on a rough draft website I use to further define the shifts in the patterns, from the past three to the current cycle, to continue learning about the details of the interactions.

    There is a pattern of 6554 days where in the inner planets, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury, make an even number of orbital revolutions, and return to almost the same relative position to the star field.

    By adding 4 days to this period I get 6558 days the time it takes the Moon to have 240 declinational cycles of 27.325 days, so that by using 6558 days as a synchronization period I get the lunar Declination angle, lunar phase, perigee / apogee cycle, and the relative positions of the inner planets to align from the past three (6558 day) long cycles well enough that the average of the temperatures, and the totals of the precipitations give a picture of the repeating pattern, from the last three to forecast the next almost 18 year long string of weather related events.

    The repeatability of the patterns, if used as a weather forecast, rivals the five day forecasts for accuracy, and does as well as the models do, out past a week. With the additional benefit of being usable for out to 15 years into the future.

    All of this can be done, just by extending the knowledge of the interactions, of the Sun with the planets, and their combined effects, on the Lunar tidal effects on the Earth’s atmospheric global circulation. Resulting in the further defining of the transfer of the outgoing heat budget, from the oceans.

    If by extrapolation, scientists could bother to study the interactions, between the close neighbors of the Sun, in the local arm of the Galaxy. With due consideration of their magnetic, radiative, and static field strengths, interacting with the larger galactic fields, clouds and radiation background, the whole package of climate could be better seen.

    The wave of Star growth, that passed through the local area, created the unsteady state we are in, the continued interaction as they mature, and become more stable, brought us out of the steady state solid ice ball phase.

    The continuing solar stability as it ages, will give more stable climate in the future, why get all excited about it now. Just live and learn, asking the right questions, is the only thing that will give you the right answers.

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