Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

H1N1 – The Big Lie

I discovered just how dishonest this entire media and government campaign has been. I went to two different prompt care centers yesterday for treatment. I was told that because of the high number of negative test results for H1N1 that the CDC has advised hospitals to quit testing for the illness and just treat the symptoms. Yet all the material you read indicates this illness is spreading like fire. I think what we have now is the government wanting the end of evidence collection that proves them to be a fraud. Since the symptoms of H1N1 are pretty much identical to that of the seasonal flu they can just claim the two to be the same.

This was nothing but a huge cash crab on behalf of the pharmaceuticals and health care industry and the media campaign is failing. The tests were proving it so they are pushing to halt the tests. Pretty shameless if you ask me. They don't want people knowing this is just the seasonal flu. If people think that then they won't panic for the next big flu lie. They failed with SARS. They failed with bird flu. Now they had to resort to total fraud with H1N1.

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40 comments to H1N1 – The Big Lie

  • The problem with the climate change debate is that there can’t exactly be controlled double-blind scientific studies. We only have one earth and the real facts don’t present themselves until well after the average human lifespan has expired. It’s all guesswork until we find out the hard way in about a century or more.

    I think the single biggest threat in the middle of the century is going to be overpopulation and famine. It may or may not be related to climate change, but merely the fact that we’ll have more people than farmland can produce food for is enough of a problem all by itself.

    But with vaccine studies, real studies can and have been done many times and in the case of influenza, it has been proven to be well over 80% effective in most people (when the vaccine matches the virus strain).

  • Quote From Source:

    Ukraine’s Pneumonic Plague: A New Strain of Flu Many Times More Lethal Than H1N1

    There is a very organized and structured system among us to coordinate the release of a weaponized flu with the goal of killing people at unprecedented rates. The pneumonic plague now being witnessed
    in the Ukraine may be just the beginning of this global effort.
    SARS, Avian Flu, and Swine flu appear to have been just trials for deadlier killers such as the current pneumonic plague which is likely another weaponized strain similar to H1N1. Perhaps the pneumonic plague itself is another trial for something more lethal.

    There are many questions that have yet to be addressed. How did this virus spread so quickly? Why are the actual numbers not being reported? What has changed in the H1N1 virus to cause this plague or is it a completely new virus? Who is benefiting from the hype or reality of the situation?…train_more_lethal_H1N1.shtml

  • What’s stupid about the “government wanting to kill everyone” conspiracies is that they already have smallpox. All they would have to do is infect one person and probably kill at least 40% of the population. Much more effective than any influenza.

    The pathologist in the ukraine who’s doing autopsies on these people has been stressing that he is not finding any bacterological infections in these deaths. So “pneumonic plague” is impossible. What he is finding though, is destroyed aveoli without bacterial pneumonia, which h1n1 has been shown to do in severe cases.

    Just think of me as the site antagonist. You guys post the paranoid conspiracies and I’ll refute them with facts.


  • well – SOMEBODYs facts anyway

  • Quote From Source:

    OSLO, Nov 20 (Reuters) – Norwegian health authorities said on Friday they have discovered a potentially significant mutation in the H1N1 influenza strain that could be responsible for causing the severest symptoms among those infected.

    “The mutation could be affecting the virus’ ability to go deeper into the respiratory system, thus causing more serious illness,” the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said in a statement.

    Source: Reuters
    Source URL:…rsified/idUSLK71202920091120

    Quote From Source:

    The above description is from a paper analyzing receptor binding domain differences in sequences from the 1918 pandemic. The New York variant had D225G, the same change found in lung tissues from fatal swine H1N1 sequences in Brazil, Ukraine, and Norway. The above result clearly demonstrated a change in receptor specificity for D225G, which was present in A/New York/1/1918 and A/London/1/1919, demonstrating the same change I 1918 that has been described in 2009. Although WHO stated that this change was “not significant” in the Ukraine samples, it was associated with the fatal cases and is cause for concern. The concern was increased by the announcement from Norway indicating the same change was found in fatal H1N1 lung infections there also.

    Source: Recombinomics
    Source URL:

    Some of the stuff coming out of Europe sounds like something right out of 1918, but the overall death rate is still much lower than seasonal influenza.

    H1N1 has lacked most of the mutations that make influenza more virulent. This mutation is one of those mutations. It’s a specific receptor binding mutation that some thing allows the virus to replicate in the lungs easier, and lead to more incidence of ARDS.

  • I think when this thing finally picks up the PB2 627K mutation that things will get interesting. It’s defying traditional group think by thriving in human populations despite not having that mutation. That mutation is associated with higher virulence, and allows the virus to replicate in your nose at winter temperatures.

    I guess this could fizzle out, but it could still be a 1918 type virus. H1N1 swine flu has over 90% homology with the 1918 viruses, which were also swine originated H1N1.

    Swine Flu Linked to 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    Quote From Source:

    In 1918 a human influenza virus known as the Spanish flu spread through the central United States while a swine respiratory disease occurred concurrently. A Kansas State University researcher has found that the virus causing the pandemic was able to infect and replicate in pigs, but did not kill them, unlike in other mammalian hosts like monkeys, mice and ferrets where the infection has been lethal.

    Source: Discovery News
    Source URL:…1918-influenza-pandemic.html

  • I wonder if viruses spread so freely because we attempt to live in a sterilized or sanitized environment?

  • I wonder if viruses spread so freely because we attempt to live in a sterilized or sanitized environment?

    Could very well be. There has been plenty of evidence of bacterial infections because of over-sterilization. If one has no exposure to a pathogen at all, it is more likely to cause you to get sick when you are exposed. There is a lag time between infection and antibody generation. That’s why small exposures to most things are better than none at all.

    This is what vaccines are about. Expose you to something in a fairly harmless manner so that your immune system becomes primed and ready to pounce on the real thing. In things like influenza, you get sicker faster than your immune system can detect and react to it. That lag time between infection and antibody creation can be the difference between life and death in a very virulent disease.

    The current thinking on allergies and other autoimmune diseases like kawasaki disease… and possibly even autism, is taking this route.

    For example, the incidence of peanut allergy has skyrocketed in children at the same time that pediatricians have been recommending not giving children any peanuts until they are 2 years old. Now the current cutting edge treatment for peanut allergy is to actually give kids very small at first, but progressively larger doses of peanut protein over the course of several months. It retrains the immune system to recognize that it is not a harmful substance and it starts let go of the antibodies to peanut protein that it had generated in the past.

    There is also a a lot of evidence where kids raised in sterilized homes have much more allergies to things like cats, seasonal allergies, etc. What is interesting is that when they look at people raised on farms. almost NONE of them have any kind of allergies to these things, where they were heavily exposed to them as children.

    The whole MRSA thing makes one wonder. This is a bacteria that lives in the nasal passages of 15-20% of the population. Yet we are just now seeing massive increases of nasty infections of this pathogen when it used to be very rare. This comes at the same time when we’ve started sterilizing everything, and companies are pushing all kinds of sterilization products for use in the home.

    Hardly any of these products existed 20 years ago. Now in he last 15 years or so we have seen the rise of these terrible staph infections in people… which used to be a rarity. Hospitals that have gone on sterilization campaigns have largely lost the war on MRSA prevalence in their buildings. After all, it’s pretty hard to eradicate something that lives asymptomatically in 15% of hospital staff’s noses.

    Kawasaki disease is an interesting one. It is mostly prevalent in kids who live in very clean homes. It has been established as an autoimmune disease, and just so happens to afflict kids who live in very sterile environments.

    There’s evidence that autism is autoimmune in origin. Is it just a coincidence that the more “western” (affluent, clean) a family home is, the higher the prevalence of autism is in those homes? They’ve looked at vaccines, but there’s an entire population of 300,000 kids in japan that were not vaccinated and still ended up with the same amount of autism cases. So what is it? Environmental, such as household cleaning chemicals? The normally very active human immune system, which has been bombarded with pathogens for millions of years, suddenly sitting with nothing to do in a sterile environment and then going haywire when it’s exposed to something?

    I guess time will tell. Medicine as we know it has only been around for less than a century.. which is less than 1/100th of one percent of human being’s time here on earth. We still have LOT to learn.

  • Quote From Source:

    The UK Government is seeking to rid itself of a billion pounds worth of unwanted swine flu vaccine — because the ?deadly? H1N1 epidemic never materialized. Major drug companies may have pushed the World Health Organization (WHO) to warn that swine flu could be a worldwide ‘pandemic‘ killing tens of millions.

    But even more shocking is the fact that the scandalous waste of public money, and the wild overreaction which gave rise to it, were both entirely predictable. It has long been clear that governments all over the world, led by the WHO, were in the grip of a hysterical panic over swine flu.

    In the early days of the panic, the BBC Today program brought in a WHO ‘expert‘ to predict that 40 percent of Britons would catch swine flu, while citing another unnamed ‘expert’ as predicting that up to 1.2 million could die.

    Yet eight months later it was being reported by scientists that swine flue is only a tenth as virulent as ordinary flu, and only one 100th as virulent as that Spanish flu at the end of World War I.

    In other words, swine flu — just like the bird flu which a senior WHO official said in 2005 was going to kill 150 million people worldwide (the true death toll turned out to be barely 200) — has predictably turned out to be yet another example of that all-too-familiar and very dangerous disease of our time, the ‘scare phenomenon.’…edia-about-health-again.aspx

    ok seriously, WE predicted this non-event and openly criticized
    the ‘experts’ and the news media for their overstated panic.

    just like the “economy” and oh yeah that ‘global warming’ thingy…


  • My weather forecast posted on line is 30 months old now and still better than what NOAA NWS is cranking out for Wednesday..

    We got a whole room full of skills here…

  • H1N1 was nothing more than a stronger version of the seasonal flu. It wasn’t some evil boogie man hiding in the dark waiting for you to come home. But don’t worry. I am sure the WHO will come up with something else in a year or two.

  • H1N1 was nothing more than a stronger version of the seasonal flu. It wasn’t some evil boogie man hiding in the dark waiting for you to come home. But don’t worry. I am sure the WHO will come up with something else in a year or two.

    Sponsored by the drug companies I’m sure.

  • Absolutely sponsored by the drug companies. These scares are cash cows for them. Just look at how the bird flu and SARS was handled. It was all about driving money to the drug companies. Mission accomplished.

  • These scares are cash cows
    #1 Answer !

  • My weather forecast posted on line is 30 months old now and still better than what NOAA NWS is cranking out for Wednesday..

    We got a whole room full of skills here…


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