Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Write Your Senator

Let me encourage everyone to write their senator and tell them to say no to cap & trade. I sent a long email to Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana last night and gave him some very key items to research. The idea was to allow him to see he and other leaders are being deceived by the likes of James Hansen. What I sent him was very real data that is easy to find and easy to analyze.

Unfortunately I get a response back from his office today that makes it look as if his office read my email and responded to my concerns. However that wasn't the case and I called him out on is in a response. I sent another email and this time I asked him to actually read it this time. His office did the same thing when I submitted an objection to the merger between Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. You may have to keep on them in order to get the message across. These people are seriously misinformed by a few dishonest scientists and a great deal of damage has been done.

They actually believe there is a global consensus and the science has been settled. They are either very ignorant or very deceived. In either case its a tough battle. I'd also like to see James Hansen brought before Congress to face an inquiry. He needs to be fired from NASA. He has abused his position for profit.

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6 comments to Write Your Senator

  • I wrote both NC senators and asked them to at least read and understand what they are voting on. I encourage everyone to do the same.

  • Are some or all senators funded by James Hansen? Or at least something related to pro-AGWs?

    This eco-fascism is getting out of hand…

  • I emailed Mike Pence yesterday. I know he is against it but it may be too late. The damage may be done. I compare the passing of cap & trade to a 6 term Bush 43. It will be the worst thing in the history of this country. Will make the recent banking meltdown look like an economic abnormality.

  • Obama’s reasoning: “Now if I can just get those damn Euros on our side we can begin plan B.” :baddevil:

  • We were told back in the 1980’s that man was responsible for the ozone hole. All sorts of expensive changes were made. Laws passed. Items restricted and/or banned. Result? It made absolutely no difference. In 2008 the ozone hole was the 2nd largest on record (which just happens to be only a 30 year long record).

    These people lied to us before about what horrible things man is doing. Why should we believe them now? Signs point to man having no responsibility for this either but some insist on forcing this on us. Some day there will be a real disaster caused by man and when the environmentalists try and pin it on us nobody will believe them. Wolf anyone?

  • Writing to congress critters does no good, they don’t receive the letter until six weeks or longer has passed. It goes through Anthrax screening these days, and that takes a long time. E mail gets to them but is easily deleted. See they make themselves unavailable for constituent comment and say they never saw it coming. Wonderful job politician. Know nothing, do nothing, see nothing and then be amazed when it goes south. :wtf:

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