Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Hurricane Katrina Hit As Category 3, Not 4

Associated Press Writer
Dec 20 9:58 PM US/Eastern

Quote From Source:

MIAMI - Katrina hit the Gulf Coast as a Category 3 hurricane, not a Category 4 as first thought, and New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain likely were spared the storm's strongest winds, the National Hurricane Center said Tuesday. New Orleans' storm levees were generally believed to be able to protect the city from the flooding of a fast-moving Category 3 storm. But Katrina was generally a slow-moving storm, said Jim Taylor, a spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Parts of the levee system were either topped or failed, leaving up to 80 percent of the city under water.

Katrina made landfall Aug. 29 with top sustained wind of about 125 mph, not the 140 mph that was calculated at the time, the hurricane center said in its final report on the hurricane.

Source: Breitbart
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1 comment to Hurricane Katrina Hit As Category 3, Not 4

  • I wonder where they get the idea that Katrina hit as a 3 and not a 4? Just look at Biloxi and ask if a 3 seems possible? Wilma hit Florida with 125mph winds. Can you compare the damage at all? The NHC has a history of fudging on the numbers but Biloxi doesn’t seem consistent with a cat 3.

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