Global Sea Ice Extent

September 17th Data:

Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km

Losing Magnetic field at astonishing rate?

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The South Atlantic Anomaly, as the experts call it, is one pressing reason why they are intensifying their exploration of the Earth's magnetism. Denmark's ?rsted satellite, launched in 1999, is dedicated to magnetic research, whilst Germany's CHAMP mission (2000) measures both magnetism and gravity. These satellites show that the danger zone for satellites over Brazil and the South Atlantic is growing wider towards the southern Indian Ocean.

The Earth's magnetic field is becoming generally weaker at an astonishing rate. When a French-Danish team compared ?rsted's results for 2000 with those from an American satellite, Magsat, 20 years earlier, the decline in the field's strength suggested that it might disappear completely in a thousand years or so. The experts wonder if our planet is preparing to swap its north and south magnetic poles around, as it has often done before during the Earth's long history.

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hmm, the 'southern Indian ocean' , I think its a good idea to watch that
area *very* closely folks.
Dan G

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1 comment to Losing Magnetic field at astonishing rate?

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt the earths magnetic field help shield us from solar radiation? If we where stripped of this, wouldnt this allow the radiation to punch a hole in the ozone therefore letting UV rays into the atmosphere where we could all die from 3rd degree sunburn?

    If we where to get a very large solar flare with a weakened magnetic field…this could be extremely bad. If we are losing it all together…Never thought I would die from a sunburn. I was banking on a super volcano or drastic climate change due to global warming. Never even considered the magnetic field leaving us to the mercy of the sun.

    Then again, if this is a pole swap, what implications does this have as far as holding the plates together? Would a pole swap kick off massive earthquakes? Would this in turn kick off a new age of vulcanism?

    Something odd is going on. I observed Geese and other migratory flocks of birds all last week heading north. I watched during deer season in November and December and saw hundreds of flocks heading south. After 1 month, they have returned. WTF is up with that?

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